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About RatherGoHike

So many people are stuck indoors and afraid to hike. Often times it's fear, anxiety or reluctance to take the first step. Some want to go but don't want to go alone AND don't have people in their lives who share the same passion to get active outdoors.  Others just don't know where to go or how to plan a safe outing.

My mission is get you out on the trail with your feet on the ground and your heart in nature. Whether it's a solo trip or you wish to bring your, spouse, family, friends or co-workers, I'll make it a safe and memorable experience.




When Snow Falls, We’re Here

Don't get stuck inside once it snows. Winter Snowshoeing is some of the best hiking you can experience.  Don't put on  the winter weight! Get outside and exercise on the trail...besides you'd RatherGoHike.


Adventure & Experience

Of course you can walk on a 'dreadmill' at the gym but if you're looking for something more interesting and gain a sense of accomplishment, reach out to me. I'll plan a hike for you.


Safety First

With over a decade of of hiking experience in the northeast and out west, it's my mission to guide you safely on each and every journey. From gear to trail knowledge, you'll learn each and every time.

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